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Umm, the presence and scent of a man

Magnetic attraction where his feet stands

His natural body charismatic aroma

Element of charms, seeping to awaken a woman out a sexual coma

Is it his eyes, the soul behind his life’s mysteries

Flirtation in his smile, tells me he has an undercover sexual history

It is his nose that smells out my charms

An enticing deep baritone voice, which turns me on

Is it the erratic heartbeat he has for a woman, his passionate relent

Stealing my breath, as he tenderly seals my lips in an impassioned moment

The strength in his biceps 

His triceps

Strong, yet such comforting arms

An epitome of steel, circled around a woman in winter life’s storms

In the cold of night, his body providing your heated warmth

His chest, a hard pillow to tell your doubts, your uncertainties, your fears

Pulling you closer onto it, his reassuring words eradicating your tears

His intellectual mind to think as a man

Sexual, slam bam and thank you ma’am, or your personal grand slam

His weakening love, taking your body beyond the stars

Woman from Venus, your handsome Man for Mars

His groin, and the hard dick from which it springs forth

Erected and pointing North

A woman's reservation to tease, please, stroke, or allow it to choke

His loud grunts shadowing your moans, echoing in the wind

Damn, I love men, and his undulated sexual sins

From the first taste of me

As his giving tongue is traveling free

Freeing the carnal juices that deems to flee

His hairy legs as he stands to lift my weight

In the shower, no wait, as I anticipate

The thrust of his gyrate, hooking my twerking pussy bait

His physique in general…Oh, God thank you

Without the scent of a man, we women would not know what to do

Your presence to a woman is our earthly food

Our je ne sais quoi for our every bodily mood

Rather you are standing, lying still, or upside down

The 69 position as we’re fooling around

The scent of a man, the whiff under his balls

Dick sucking moment for me says it all

Aphrodisiac behind his cum, no regrets

His dripping sweat

As he’s on top of me, droplets to my skin have been met

The presence and scent of a man holds me throughout the night as our eyes finally rest


Kemy Erotica Romance Novelist