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Shaylynn Forrester, she's all grown up, and breaking hearts in the wind.

Join me on interweaving your soul and heart in her and

Fentin Windsor emotional story.

A page turner surely to grip you from the first page.

         This novel is a prelude to  

             Keiwan's Revenge Due out 2018








San Diego, California

Shaylynn pulled into the students’ campus parking lot of San Diego University.  She turned off her ignition, unsnapped her seatbelt, and then opened the door. She grabbed her sunglasses from off the dashboard, and placed them on her face. She grabbed her Baby Phat book-bag, and alligator-skin purse from off the passenger seat. She stepped out of her two-seater Mercedes Benz convertible and pushed the door close.

Shaylynn looked at the grayish colored building. She looked at the student population who stood in front of the building; some students were smoking, and others were waiting around for his or her class to begin.

“Darn I wished I listened to my mother, and took a job at San Francisco University this summer.”

Shaylynn walked to the front entrance, mounted the concrete steps, and pulled the glass door open. She entered and walked down the corridor. She looked around for the Dean’s Office.

“Can I help you with something?”

Shaylynn whizzed around. She flipped her sunglasses back onto the top of her head.

“Yes, can you assist me in locating the Dean’s Office?”

Fentin moved closer to Shaylynn’s side. He looked down at her class schedule, and then looked up at her.

“In trouble already.”

“Pardon me.”

“Dean’s Office, hum.” Fentin palmed his goatee. He took the time to look over Shaylynn’s upper body; he looked down into her eyes. “For a student to be in trouble on the first day of class is unusual.”

“If you would not assume, you would not make an a...”

“Ass out of myself.”

“I see it’s not very hard for you to form a sentence.”

“I can form a lot of hard things, given the chance with you of course.”

Shaylynn arched her eyebrows.


Nice looking chick, but the mouth could use improvement he thought.

Shaylynn stepped aside. Fentin sidestepped her.

“Excuse me.”

“And if I refuse?”

“You are very egotistical.”

“So, I’ve been told.”

“Such a turn-off for me.”

“I really wasn’t trying to impress you.”

“How discourteous.”

“Something I suppose you’re not accustomed too.”

“You..., you.”

“I see it’s not easy for you to form a sentence.”

“Excuse me!”

Fentin looked down into Shaylynn’s eyes, and then at her lips. He stepped aside.

Shaylynn walked away. She looked back.

The attractive man in the pair of blue denim jeans, a dark blue pullover fleece, and a dark blue knitted cap on his head pinned her with his eyes.

Shaylynn turned back around and walked down the corridor.

Fentin admired the back view of the woman walking down the corridor. He liked the way her waist-length curly tresses tossed side-to-side as she walked.

“A righteous view from behind,” Fentin testified. He turned around and walked in the direction of the men’s restroom.

Shaylynn looked inside several empty classrooms; she walked over to the wall and looked at the mounted glassed directory.

“President’s Office, Student Affairs, aah, the Dean’s office. Darn it, it’s across campus.”

Shaylynn walked toward the exit door, opened it, and walked out. She descended the concrete steps and walked back to her vehicle; she opened the door, got in, and pulled the door close. She threw her purse and book bag on the passenger seat. She plugged her key inside the ignition and started her vehicle, she backed out.

Shaylynn drove several times around the huge campus parking-lot looking for a parking space. She waited for a car to pull out, and then footed on the gas pedal. She twisted the key inside the ignition, removed it, and opened her door. She grabbed her purse and book bag from off the passenger seat, got out, and pushed the door close.

Shaylynn mounted the steps, opened the door, and entered Sewall Hall. She walked in the direction of the cafeteria.

“Man the females attending this year are not easy on the eyes,” Omar threw out

“Freshmen chicks are easy bait on my hook any day,” Madden added

“Naw, I need real a woman. My last year here I want to go out in a blaze of glory,” Fentin clarified.

“In other words, with Mary Palm.”

“Man fuck you, I represent on all levels.”

“You said that last year Playa, Playa.”

“As I recall, you had all my seconds.”

“Man ain’t shit stirring up in here. The honeys are up here in the PM, let’s split.”

Shaylynn walked into the cafeteria. She walked over to the refrigerator and opened the glass door; she reached for an orange juice and closed the door back.

Madden bumped Omar on his elbow.

“Man, that’s what the fuck I’m talking about, a spoonful of honey on the loose.”

“I’ve heard that shit for four years now,” Fentin slid in.

“Not this time G.”

“Man don’t waste a brotha’s time, and it better not be Julie.”

“Julie is old news who hasn’t got the point.”

“I told you she ain’t in her right mind the minute she pushed up on you.”

“Well Omar wasn’t representing, and for you; she’s just a female who’s trying to push up on you now.”

“I’m not interested in no brotha’s sloppy seconds.”

Shaylynn walked to the cafeteria line.

“That would be two dollars.”

Shaylynn reached down to open her purse.

“I got it,” someone said behind.

Shaylynn pivoted.

“No thank you.”

“Shaylynn Forrester, isn’t it?”


“I’m Paul; you were in my Psychology class last term.”

“Nice to meet you Paul.”

“Is this your second year.”

“No, this is my third year.”

Paul smiled.

“Two dollars ma’am.”

“Oh yeah.”

Paul handed the cashier a five-dollar bill.

“You really did not have too.”

“No problem.”

“Yours will be two dollars also.”

The cashier gave Paul back a one dollar bill.

Shaylynn walked away from the line. Paul followed her.

“Thank you once again Paul, I hope to see you around.”

Paul roved his sea blue eyes over Shaylynn’s face, down to her sandals, and then slowly back up to her face.

“The same here.”

“Man check it out.”

“What, another ugly chick you trying to throw my way, keep her.”

“Man, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Fentin turned around.

“Check out the piece across the cafeteria.”

Fentin looked across the cafeteria.

“Man, I bumped into Miss. Light-Bright earlier.”

“Man quit lying.”

“The taming of a Caucasian shrew ain’t my style, I like my African American women, willing, able, and of course, naked in my bed.”

“Man do you know who she is?”

“Yeah, a pussy waiting to get fucked by a brotha.”

“Well, I hope your pockets are deep enough to get a sniff.”

“I don’t need a female to give me shit. You know I hold my own.”

“Drum roll Omar.”

Omar made a beep-bop sound with his mouth.

“Father, the coach for the Niners. Mother, is now the president of San Francisco University, who is fine as fuck, her oldest brother, Defensive Coordinator for the Bears and owner of Forrester’s Karate and Fencing School, her uncle, a Sport’s Commentator for Channel One Sports Station, and has an urban wear clothing line.”

“Get the fuck out-of-here, what clothing line,” Fentin asked.

“The M$C clothing line.”

Fentin looked down at the M$C logo on the side pocket of his jeans.

“Damn, I’m representing.”

“Oh, and one of her brothers is the Quarterback for the Penn State, and her other brother is a Wide Receiver for Penn State, someone in the family is a doctor, but I forgot who. And when I want my car fixed. Forrester’s Auto Body Shop does a brotha real pride.”

“No shit.”

“I read something about her mother was linked to a terrorist plot and kidnapping years ago.”

“So daddy’s little girl rich got a golden spoon like that huh.”

“Fuck yeah, and ain’t giving a brotha up in here no play.”

“On the real.”  Fentin palmed his goatee. “Well, maybe it’s time someone steals daddy’s little rich girl from under daddy’s rule of thumb.”

“I hope you’re not stepping to the plate.”

Omar and Madden did a fist-to-fist dab.

“It will be like taking candy from a baby.”

“I thought you don’t need a female to...”

“I don’t. I just want to have some fun, while going out in a blaze of glory. Fellows, watch a true Playa in action, and learn.”

Shaylynn twisted the orange top of the plastic bottle and tossed the cap inside the trash bin. She looked around the half-empty cafeteria.

“Is she looking over here?”

Omar looked at Madden and winked his eye.


“You got your football with you.”

“Yeah why.”

“Throw me a pass.”

“Man that shit is two years old, trust me.”

“Man just throw the fucking ball.”

Omar slid his book bag off his shoulder, opened it, and took out his football.

“Go for it.”

Fentin slid his book bag from off his shoulder blade and let it drop to the floor. He turned and ran across the cafeteria.

Omar threw the ball across the cafeteria. The football sailed through the air.

 Fentin ran backwards. He bumped into Shaylynn as she lifted the bottle of orange juice to her lips.

The juice spilled down her silk blouse.

“Darn it.”

Fentin turned around. “Ooh, my bad.” He looked across the cafeteria.

Omar and Madden were laughing at him.

Shaylynn dropped her purse and book bag on the floor. She quickly unbuttoned her white silk blouse, and took it off. The blouse dropped to the floor.

Fentin looked down at the lacy tube top Shaylynn wore. Her breast nipples stood out like hard marbles. Her skin-tone was very light and blemish free. Her natural jet-black curly hair dangled over one of her shoulder blades and extended down to her waist.

This will be like taking candy from a baby he thought.

“Are you just going to just stand there and watch? Could you at least get me some napkins please?”

“Yeah, hold up, shit.”

Fentin ran to the counter and grabbed a pile of napkins from out the napkin dispenser. He returned to where Shaylynn stood.

“I didn’t see you behind me.”

Fentin wiped the droplets from off Shaylynn’s shoulder blade. He wiped one of her breasts down very slowly.  He looked down into her eyes.

“I think I can do that myself.” Shaylynn snatched the napkins from out Fentin’s hand, and wiped the orange juice from off her chest area. “How can you act so juvenile?”

“You were the one in my way. You clearly saw me coming.”

Shaylynn looked up. Fentin held Shaylynn’s light-brown eyes.

“You owe me four-hundred dollars for my blouse.”

“I….  I do not have that kind of money.”

“It figures.”

“And even if I did, I be damn if I spend it on a blouse.”

Shaylynn discontinued wiping her arms off.

“My blouse is a petite, and you can purchase it at Nordstrom.”

“Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.”

Fentin looked down at the perfect shape of Shaylynn’s full lips.

Shaylynn wiped down the front of her white pants.

“Here you are.”

She shoved the wet napkins into Fentin’s hand. She bent over and lifted the bottle of orange juice, her purse, and book bag from off the floor.

Fentin bent over and lifted Shaylynn’s blouse from off the floor.

“I think your two friends tried the same lame thing two years ago.”

Fentin looked across the cafeteria.

“And believe me, it didn’t work, then, and it won’t work now.”

Fentin turned back to face Shaylynn.

“It was a mistake.”

“I’m sure your friends thought so two years also after both ruined my Manolo Blahnik shoes.”

“I’m Fentin.”

“I did not ask you your name, and in the future, I strongly suggest you stay out of my path.”

Fentin threw the blouse over his shoulder blade, and then placed both hands inside the front pockets of his jeans.

“What, daddy’s little rich girl only talk to high-rolling Caucasian men with money.”

Shaylynn looked at Fentin from head to toe. His dark-brown eyes looked persuasive and enthralling under an arch of thick dark eyebrows. His russet-brown skin tone complexion made her pay close attention to his angular facial features. A thin mustache surrounded his top lip and extended downward on both sides to a full goatee. Under his cap held multitudes of short black dreadlocks standing inches off his scalp. His lips, wow, for a brotha, they were sinful and protected a mouth full of white teeth, and an arrogant smile full of himself. His sinewy physique and tall stature made her slightly bend her head back to look up into his eyes.

Shaylynn leaned over and whispered, “That goes for dating them also.”

Fentin like the perfume she wore.

“I see. You’re not my type of Caucasian woman anyhow.”

Shaylynn arched her eyebrows at his racial classification.

He’s not worth even correcting she thought.

“Just stay away from me.”

“Not to worry, I will.”

Shaylynn threw the bottle in the trashcan, and turned around.

Fentin blocked Shaylynn’s path.

“Excuse me.”

“I’ll move, only if you ask.”

Shaylynn looked up into Fentin’s dark-brown eyes. She stepped aside.

Fentin sidestepped also.

“Only if you ask.”

“Excuse me.”

“It’s Fentin.”

Shaylynn took a deep breath and smiled.

God, she has a pretty smile, and nice white teeth he thought.

“Excuse me, Fentin.”

“That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Are you going to step aside?”

Fentin lifted his hands out his pockets and stepped aside. Shaylynn walked away.

Fentin smiled to himself. He snatched the blouse from off his shoulder. He looked around the cafeteria. He lifted the blouse under his nose and smelled it; the scent ingrained in the soft fabric was pleasant. He walked to where the football lay on the floor, picked it up, and walked back over to where his friends stood.


Shaylynn pulled into the campus parking lot of San Diego University.  She turned off her ignition, unsnapped her seat-belt, and opened the door. She grabbed her sunglasses from off the dashboard, and placed them on her face. She stepped out of her two-seater Mercedes Benz convertible. She balanced her Gucci book bag and alligator-skin purse over her shoulder blade. She hopes her official day at summer school is much better than yesterday after she had to revise her classes, and then bumped into an arrogant, but handsome brotha.

Shaylynn walked across the parking lot to Haddon Hall.

Fentin, Omar, and Madden stood in the campus parking-lot talking.

“Mr. Playa Playa, you going try and get a sniff of Shay’s panties?”

“Who the fuck is Shay?”

“Shaylynn Forrester.”

“Fuck a sniff, I’ll be parlaying soon.”

“Do it.”

Omar and Fentin did a fist-to-fist dab. 

“Speaking of,” Madden stated.

Fentin turned around and looked across the parking-lot. He watched Shaylynn stop and converse with a male student. He looked down at her bare legs, up to her firm derrière, and a pair of ample sized breasts clad in a sleeveless silk blouse. 

The smile in her eyes when she talked turned him on.

“Shay, you look sweet enough for me to eat.”

“Hi Javier. Why am I not surprise to see you taking summer classes.”

“I wanted to see what’s on the block.”

“More like who’s your next love-them and leave-them victim.”

Javier palmed his chin.

“And don’t you tell anyone I’m all about loving one woman.”

“What are childhood friends for? Oh, I meant to ask you the last time we spoke, how is your mother doing since she opened a boutique overseas last month?”

“Fine I suppose, I rarely see her, or my dad. Let me put it like this, I have a mansion to myself, with plenty of servants, and the absence of both parents.”

“I have much love for you. You always know anytime you want to hang out, I’m there.”

“Thanks, and back at you. Oh shit, I meant to tell you, thanks for having your people look at my car for free.”

“Is it running much better?”

“Yes, thanks again.”

“And thank you for making a tape with all classical renditions for my dance class. We came in first place at the regional finals.”

“Shay, you are a very unusual woman.”

“I hope that’s a compliment.”

“Of course it is. You know I have nothing but love for you.”

“Back at you.”

“Now, when you gonna give me them digits Shay. I’ve been begging for a year now.”

“I’ll see what I can do this year.”

“That’s what I heard last year.”

Shaylynn smiled.

“I know, but my studies come first.”

“You still touring.”

“Of course, other than teaching, touring is my second love.”

“I thought I was your second love.”

“You look so handsome, when you beg.”

Shaylynn stroked Javier’s cheek.

Javier made a whimpering sound.

“Since, I’m all out of milk bone biscuits, come here.”

Shaylynn leaned over and kissed Javier on his cheek.


“Anytime you are around, I’m always better.”

“Gee thanks.”

“And, if anyone of these niggas gets out of line with you, you come to big bro Javier; I’ll take care of them, real quick.”

“I have myself.”

“I know you do, but Little Miss. Red Riding Hood in a wolf’s world can be deceitful to a sista like you.”

“That’s why I have my big bro Javier for.”

“Right, right. Hey, you going to the stomp and welcoming bash tonight.”

“I have to cheek my schedule.”

“Well if I see you there tonight, I’m hogging your time.”

“Yes sir.” Shaylynn looked down at her Cartier. “I have to go.”

“Don’t study to hard, leave some room to play.”

“Can I borrow that saying?”

“You don’t have to borrow anything from me; I’ll give you anything you want for free.”

“My father told me to watch out for bad boys like you, and your promises.”

“You can tell Couch Forrester, I will take real good care of his daughter.”

“I know you will.”

“For sure.”

Both laughed.

“Madden, who’s the cat up in Shaylynn’s face,” Fentin asked.

“Javier.” Madden looked at Shaylynn and Javier talking. “That cat is into everything, ecstasy, running plenty of bitches, and his parents, get this shit, have money to burn.”

“I didn’t know Miss. Light Bright wanted to cruise on the wide side.”

“He’s been sweet on Shay for a while, don’t worry Playa, Playa, do your shit, and put his ass out of commission.”

Shaylynn looked down at her watch again.

“I’m gone; I’ll see you around Javier.”

“Right.” Javier walked away.

Shaylynn walk into Haddon Hall.

Fentin looked at Shaylynn enter through the doors of Haddon Hall.

“Day two and the hunt continue fellows.”

Fentin, Omar, and Madden walked toward Haddon Hall.

Shaylynn looked down at her class schedule, and then looked up. She saw Paul walking toward her.

“Good morning Paul.”

“How lucky to find myself in the company of a very beautiful woman again.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you on your way to class?”


“Do you mind if I walk with you.”

“My class is on the second floor.”

Paul snapped his fingers.

“Damn, mine is on the first.”

Shaylynn looked down at her watch.

“I’m running late, we’ll talk again soon when we both have more time.”

“I’ll make sure I make the time.”

Shaylynn walked away.

“Shaylynn, are you going to the stomp and student welcoming bash tonight.”

Shaylynn turned around.

“I’m undecided; I’ll catch up with you later Paul.”

“Most definitely.”

Shaylynn mounted the steps and walked down the crowded corridor. She looked for her locker and stopped in front of it.

Omar, Madden, and Fentin walked through the doors. He noticed Shaylynn before she noticed him.

“Man there goes your sweet craving.”

“Take note fellows.”

Shaylynn heard raised voices and pivoted in the direction. She watched Fentin walk down the hallway.

“What a handsome and arrogant brotha.” Shaylynn turned toward her locker. “He probably has several baby mamas running around here,” she mumbled under her breath.  Shaylynn pivoted to look at Fentin again.

The goatee around his lips, connected at his chin, and his sinewy physique. Ma’am Mia. Shaylynn thought.

Fentin caught Shaylynn looking at him. He smiled at her observation.

Shaylynn broke her trance; she reached down, twisted her combination lock, and opened her locker.

Fentin looked at Shaylynn’s side profile as he approached.

The woman is gorgeous everywhere he thought.

He looked down at the outline of her derrière clothed in a dark-blue mini-shirt. It won’t be too long before he has her long toned legs wrapped around his back fucking her.

Fentin stopped in front of Shaylynn’s locker. He placed his palms on the frame of her locker and caged her presence in.

Shaylynn felt Fentin’s chest against her back she inched back a little.

Uum he smelled good and his chest was solid.

“Are you going to the stomp and student welcoming bash tonight?”

His breath was hot on the back of her neck.

“Are you going to be there?”

“Are you?”

“Aah no.”

“Not me, I have to work.”

Shaylynn stopped stuffing her folders inside her book bag.

“You work with your hands?”

“I can do a lot of things with my hands on you.” Fentin moved Shaylynn’s hair aside. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, “and with my tongue deep inside you.”

Shaylynn inched forward.

“Are you advertising your social skills now?”

“If I was, would you buy?”

“With all these handsome and willing brothas around here, I can get that dual feeling for free.”

Fentin arched his eyebrows in surprise.

“You date brothas?”

She was pissed that people always assumed she was of European ancestry.

“No, I just use them for my leisure pleasure, and then discard them.”

“Well me first.”

“I bet you would just love that.”

“You, probably more than me.”

“My last words to you were to stay out of my path.”

“Are you giving up on us already?”

“There is no, us.”

“Come on now, I saw you checking out this black man.”

“No, I was plotting a way to sneak by you unnoticed.”

“You’re too fine for me to ever not notice you.”

Shaylynn blushed. She lifted up on the balls of her feet to reach the top shelf of her locker.

“Which book do you need?”

“The Calculus book.”

Fentin palmed Shaylynn’s lower back with one hand, and reached his other hand up.

Shaylynn looked at the tight contour of Fentin’s muscled bicep through his shirt.

Should she feel remorse for enjoying the close contact of his groin rolling over her derrière she thought?

Fentin rested his chest against Shaylynn’s back and slid out the book.

At least his breath smells minty too.

“Here you are.”

He handed the book to her.

“Thank you.”

Fentin roamed his hand through Shaylynn’s hair.

“From where I’m standing you are.”

 Fentin inched closer.

“And can you please scoot back?”

Fentin leaned and whispered in Shaylynn’s ear, “You first.”

“You’re giving me a choice now.”

“Back up and see.”

Shaylynn smiled and inched her derrière back. Her derrière made contact with Fentin’s groin.

“I can work wonders using that choice, if given the chance with you.”

Shaylynn felt Fentin’s rigid manhood against her derrière.

I just bet you could she thought.

She turned around.

“You are not only arrogant, but conceited as well.”

“It makes me wonder what our children would be like.” 

Fentin twirled a lock of Shaylynn’s hair around his finger. He leaned his face in.

“Are you always this distance, or is it just with me?”

Shaylynn looked up into Fentin’s eyes. She inched her face back.

“Are you usually this forward with someone you do not know?”

“No, only someone I want to know.”

“Wishful thinking.”

“You hurt me so bad.”

Shaylynn liked his goatee; it completed everything about his facial features.

Do not get sucked in emotion with anyone, remember this is your last year she thought.

Julie walked up to Fentin and Shaylynn.

“Hi Fentin, I have been looking all over for you.”

Fentin took his eyes off Shaylynn and stepped back. He turned around.

“What’s up beautiful?”

“I was wondering if you have a minute to look over my thesis.”

Fentin looked back at Shaylynn.

“Could you give me a minute?” Fentin looked down at Shaylynn’s lips. “Or maybe two?”

Julie looked over Fentin’s shoulder at Shaylynn.

“Sure, but don’t take too long.”

Julie turned around, walked to the other side of the hallway, and waited.

“It was nice of you to intrude upon my time once again.”

“When are you going to tell me your name?”

“From what I’ve heard. My name will only be a memory added to your list.”

Fentin lifted a curl off Shaylynn’s shoulder. He let it fall back against her shoulder, and looked down into her eyes.

“It doesn’t have to be.”

Shaylynn looked over at Julie.

Julie rolled her eyes at her.

“No thank you.” Shaylynn half-turned and closed the door to her locker. “I will leave you to your other interests.”

Fentin placed his arm on the side of the locker, blocking her departure.

“No others, I only have one interest, and she’s been hard on a brotha.”

“Bye Fentin.”

Shaylynn ducked under his arm.

“For now.”

Shaylynn walked away. She looked back and smiled.

Fentin winked at her. He walked over to where Julie stood.

“It’s about time.”

“I have other obligations I’m interested in.”

“Yeah, other obligations that may be out of your reach.”


“Rich white people don’t mix with common folks like us.”

“I think you need to mind your business.”

“Come on Fentin, we have been friends for a year now. You are way over your head on this one.”

“Why the fuck does everyone think, just because I happen to dig a beautiful woman with money, it’s a crime.”

“Hey, no need to get offensive. All I’m saying is watch yourself, and your heart around Miss High and Mighty.”

“Not unless I ask for your opinion, don’t offer it.


Fentin stormed away from Julie.

Ohh that bitch. She will be damn, if she gives Fentin up to a white woman without a fight.


Shaylynn walked into the library. She saw Fentin with his head down in a book with a pair of earbuds in his ears. She walked to the back of the library; she walked between two shelves of books that held the lettered volumes X, Y, and Z. She thumbed through several reference volumes, and then pulled a book out.

Shaylynn opened the book and began reading.

 A strong hand palmed her lower back.

Fentin’s cologne was a give-a-way.

Shaylynn smiled to herself.

Fentin leaned his head in.

“Anything interesting,” he whispered in her ear.

“Only academic.”

Shaylynn pivoted her face.

Fentin looked down at her lips and inched his face down.

The appearance of a student looking for a book broke the moment.

Fentin retracted his face.

Shaylynn turned around.

“I…, what are you doing in the library?”

 “I had some free time between my research committee groups.”

Fentin leaned his back against the shelf of books. Shaylynn looked back down at the book she was reading.

“I meant to tell you earlier, you look nice.”

“Thank you.”

Fentin looked at the opening of Shaylynn’s blouse.

The outline of her cleavage made him reach out and touch the golden beaded necklace.

Shaylynn looked up.

“I like this.”

“Thank you, my niece made it for me for my birthday.”

Fentin let the necklace go. He rubbed the side of her neck.

“Would you like to go and get some lunch with me?”

“No thank you.”

Shaylynn dropped her head back down and read the page.

“Have dinner with me tonight?”

“No thank you.”

Fentin took the book out of Shaylynn’s hand.

Shaylynn looked up.

“Hey give that back to me,” she whispered.

“Conversation is more like it.”

Shaylynn crossed her arms over her chest.

“No, I do not want to go out to lunch with you, and no I do not want to go out to dinner with you, now, can I please have my book back.”

“Just lunch.”

“No thank you.”

Shaylynn reached up to get the book. Fentin held it over his head. Shaylynn mashed her body against Fentin’s solid chest wall and reached her arm up. He looked down into her eyes.

“Lunch, yes.”

“I really need that book.”

Shaylynn reached up on her heels.

Fentin circled Shaylynn’s lower back with his free hand and pulled her closer.

“A simple yes.”

“Okay, yes.”

Fentin looked down into Shaylynn’s eyes.

“You are very sexy looking.”

“Thank you.”

“Real sexy.”

Fentin bent his head down and kissed Shaylynn’s on her lips.

The quiet action on his behalf caught her off guard. Shaylynn placed her palms on Fentin’s chest and reciprocated.

Mmm, such wonderful lips she thought.

Fentin whirled his mouth from Shaylynn’s lips to her ear. “I could do so much better, given the chance with you, all you have to do, is say yes.” He kissed her earlobe.

Shaylynn automatically moved in closer.

Fentin pulled Shaylynn’s body into his. He whispered in her ear, “so much better.”

Someone coughed.

Shaylynn inched back.

Two students invaded the narrow space.

“I’m hungry, and there’s a nice restaurant across the street.”

Fentin placed the book back on the shelf, grabbed Shaylynn’s hand, and walked back to his table to get his IPOD.

Unrevised Edition

Copyright Kemy 2017



Kemy Erotica Romance Novelist