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Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch Department

New York, New York

Early Morning Briefing

“Okay ladies and gentlemen, I need everyone to listen up and pay close attention. It has been brought to my attention shit is about ready to hit the streets of New York at an alarming proportion. What lays in front of your eyes is a full scale investigation from information, which has just came across my desk from the DEA. I will give everyone a brief minute to silently read the content within the file provided, and then this briefing will get underway.”

Marcus turned toward his PowerPoint projector. He lifted a red laser pointer.

“I will ask everyone to hold off on any questions until the PowerPoint presentation has concluded.”

Several members in the briefing room looked at one another and then in the direction of the blank white screen.

Marcus walked over to the wall and turned the lights out. He walked back over to the projector and switched it on.

“All right everyone, what’s discussed is not to be taken out of the confinements of this briefing room.”

Marcus pressed in the pointer.

“What you have here is the structure of the Delaro Syndicate Crime Family. The family has been sedate in their illegal activities. The family’s pyramid consists of several members as you can see.”

Marcus pointed the pointer at the screen.

“The Delaro Crime Syndicate Family”

Their oysters of pearls lays in



Real Estate

Waste Management

The head of the Mafia is this man below

------------Joe Castellani-----------

He is the Godfather of All Crime Syndicate Families

The second of this chain in command is a

------------Satori Delaro Sr. -----------

He is considered the Boss

Next we have on this chain, an Amati.


Amati, who goes by the name The Hammer feeds Mr. Delaro Sr. his information by word of the street. He is considered Mr. Delaro Sr.’s right hand man.

Next in line of succession is

------------Satori Delaro Jr. ------------

Mr. Satori Delaro Jr. This is the same member of the Delaro family who last night a hit was ordered on

Mr. Satori Delaro Jr is considered the

----------Under Boss---------------

Mr. Delaro Jr. advised me this man a Mr. Domenico Gambino organized the hit on him. He is considered the

----------- Caporegime ------------

The person who has several men under his orders.

“Director Modarius, I’ve watched several mobsters’ movies, and no one can order a hit within the organization without the word from the Commission’s say so.”

“Agent Blackstone, I’ve watched several gangsters moves also, it was a hit, rather orthodox or unorthodox, it happened on our streets with several innocent bystanders in attendance.”

Marcus looked back at his PowerPoint. He clicked to the next picture.

“This is the organization’s soldiers.”

Marcus glanced around at his agents.

“Below are the soldiers who carry out the orders of Domenico, once again the Delaro Family’s Caporegime.

Marcus’ pointer clicked on the first two members.

“A Tango Petri have crossed my path in the past. The rest of Delaro’s soldiers, a Moretti, known as Mickey and Little Lenny were most likely in on the hit.”


Tango Petri

Little Lenny

Moretti (Mickey)

Marcus clicked his pointer.

“And then you have the Commission. No one knows who the active members are to date.  What we do know; they are elite associates of the five families which make up the mafia. The members of the Commission are Invincible, Untouchable, Unstoppable, and Indestructible.

Marcus set his pointer down on the table. He turned off the projector. He walked over to the wall switch and flipped it up. He walked back to where the projector rested on the table.

“As of tonight, the Delaro family has become a point of interest. Last evening there was an attempt on this man.”

Marcus lifted a photograph of Mr. Delaro Jr. from out the file on his desk and held it up for the other agents to view.

“And sources have confirmed it may have been from soldiers from the Mexica Drug Lords; several Kingpins within this group have been under our radar for several years.”

Marcus placed the photograph back down on the desk.

“Now, this is where the investigation may get a bit tricky. DEA has tracked down a crate returned to customs, and once opened, what we believe inside is over three million dollars of pure cocaine, with an estimated street value well over nine million dollar. And I have to stress, whoever that crate belongs will most likely return to retrieve it, or a blood bathe will ensue. This is where we play the good guys. I do not want a blood bathe on my street. Be advised this crate may or may not belong to the Russian cartel.”

Scant whispers rang out in the briefing room.

“I need everyone to advise your informants on the streets, to find out, where these drugs are moving from, and to whom. Those men who were killed yesterday, were serious, and in their possession were high power weaponry. Are there any questions.”

“Director Modarius, did you singlehandedly take out these our thugs, and if so, do you think there will be a retaliation on the streets.”

“To take a life should never be gloried. In as much, if the Mexican Drug Lords, stand to get a piece of that monetary value from the streets, I know there will be retaliation from Sicarios, until that crate gets delivered to the appropriate person.”

“Director Modarius, how does this Mr. Delaro, fit into the picture sir.”

“He doesn’t. Mr. Delaro is not the person of interest. In regards to his botched hit. He will have to deal with his members inside his own organization, and Mr. Delaro has been forwarded, not on my streets. If this department as to hear a peep from the Delaro family, and their crocked shit, his ass will be brought down, tried in a court of law, and then convicted.”

“Director Modarius, where is this crate now.”

“At the moment, I am not at liberty to discuss, that part of this investigation has deemed classified by the DEA.”

“So we have to now have to deal with the Russian cartel. Haven’t the streets been victimized by the Mexicans Drug Lords tainted Heroin with Fentanyl? Have this department forgot, we lost several men in that epic shootout with those Columbian fucks just last year.”

“Crime has no conscious and bullets have no names, Agent Carrey. We will protect American citizens at every level of law enforcement.”

Everyone in the briefing room nodded his or her in agreement.


Marcus glanced down at his watch.

“Okay, everyone, let’s call it a day.”

Several agents placed their ink pen down on the table after taking notes.

Agent Carrey stood and stretched.

Marcus’ cell phone vibrated. He moved his suit jacket aside and lifted it from off his hip clip. He slid it open and placed it up to his ear.


“Director Modarius, we have identified the person from the video surveillance at ZD’S Art Gallery.”


“It looks like Dmeshii has a foothold in a large quantity of cocaine and heroin hitting the streets of New York. If that crate of cocaine belong to the Russian cartel, the DEA and us, federal boys are going to be knee deep in toe tagging.”

“I was hoping you will not tell me that shit.”

Marcus rubbed his hand backwards through his hair.

“Do we have an address or shithole Dmeshii and his men are holding up at.”

“I’m afraid the man is like a ghost; a ghost my department have been trying to bring down for years. With all the bureaucratic bullshit of political asylum. He’s always seem to slip through this department fingers.”

“I will swing over to your office.” Marcus glanced down at his watch. “In an hour.”

Marcus slipped his cell phone close and slipped it back into his hip clip.

“I will see everyone much later on, and thank you all for allowing this bureau to drag you out of your beds this early in the morning for this official briefing.”

“The next time Director Modarius, please provide the coffee,” one of the agents spoke out.”

“And the doughnuts, sir.”

“Agent Angelo, I will provide the coffee, and Agent Sari, I will not forget the doughnuts. Now everyone get out of here.”

All agents in attendance, stood and lifted their file from off the briefing room table.

Several feet marched to the door.


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