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Last Night

Last Night you escaped into my world of dreams, kissed by twinkling stars, and ordained by the heavens above.

Last Night you caressed my face, you tasted the nectar of my sweet lips. You whispered promising endearments in my ear, vividly fictionalized at this pivotal point in time, permitted now to hear.

Last Night you slowly undressed me, peeling off layers of waiting in anticipation, needing the warmness of your body melting against mine, hungering for the reasoning sound of your baritone voice.

Last Night you laid me down on a bed of silken rose petals. Passion and gentleness mirrored in your eyes as you gazed down into mine.

Last Night, your hands worshipped the temple of my body from the hair strands on top of my head, to the pointiness of my toes. Your lips traveled the length of body, the tip of your tongue roaming freely over my caramelized skin.

Last Night a slow river of tears escaped from my eyes. Tears of fear, tears of anticipation, and tears of this moment marginalized into reality.

Last Night you blanketed my lips, coaxing me into tender compliance. My arms finding a safe haven around your neck. Tugging my body into the greater law of physical gravity taking part. No more yearning in the far recess of my mind, no more pen to paper, no more screen to hoping. This is so much more, it's the day, no, its Last Night.

Last Night, you were deep inside of me. Two star-crossed lovers, intertwining the essence of their souls. Breathing destiny’s greatest rewards from the rapture of giving and receiving pleasure, breathing in life as was given, and tasting breath-for-breath in fear of its taketh.

Last Night in the throne of passion you made me cry out your name. I cried, under the release of your pulsating soul transferring into the crest of my soul, before, releasing in the abyss of euphoric unified contentment. I held you tighter crying from the aftermath of surrendering the essential of my being to you, only you.

Last Night, tears mingled cheek-to-cheek, restrained words mingled in breaths of enchantment.

Two naked bodies housing gratified souls, hoping, wishing, pushing for more time to discover the time, which is now in the past.

A Last Night to hope, or a goodbye only to dream. A tearful mourning to go on, or a good morning to hold hands, plan, hope for, wish too.

Last Night, yes, I did see the sun, the moon, the mountains and the rivers, and yes I saw heaven when you laid me down on a bed of silken rose petals and made sweet love to me.

Now that we both have looked over that mountain top. Would Last Night only remain a key in our minds, only you and I can unlock.

Dedicated to Last Night and The Next Morning. The flowing sands for which to measure the state of our physical existence caught up in the strangulation of time.

Kemy Erotica Romance Novelist